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The Best Business and Technical Solutions For Your Organization.

We would like to welcome you to The Connect 4 Group, where we are a one-stop Business and Utility Management, Digital, and Technical solutions provider. We understand the needs and requirements of businesses from SME’s to large organisations and charities across the United Kingdom through our Business Concierge Service.


Our journey began back in 2018 where we saw many businesses turning over, often miss guided to see their potential of growth and mismanaged with their business. This is where we came up with a solution to having all the expertise in one boat to deliver a full 360 approach to build up these businesses.


We thoroughly evaluate your business to calculate the best business solutions with our expertise and specialism to connect the dots between other businesses. We have successful partnerships with our clients, where we add measurable business value, whilst delivering innovative approaches to help sustain, enhance and grow businesses to their potential.


The areas we support businesses particularly on are:

  • Business Consultancy
  • Business Support
  • Technical Solutions


We are committed to offering exceptional levels of service and expertise across the following sectors:

  • Private Sector
  • Public Sector
  • Third Sector – Non-for-profit organisations


Our Mission

At the Connect 4 Group, our mission is to apply key efficiencies to enhance our client’s business operations, whilst minimising disruption and maximising customer service.


Our Remote Monitoring Systems instantly identify problems as they arise and should our Customer Services team be unable to resolve these remotely, then we will visit to assess and fix the problem at hand.


We track technological advances across our entire range of products and services to ensure we maximise the needs of our clients.


Our Values


At the Connect 4 Group, we aim to provide quality services and business solutions which are both timely and cost-effective.

We work closely with our clients and business partners to gain a better understanding of their requirements, providing them with the best and most effective business solutions available on the market today.


Combining a value-added innovation approach with in-depth industry knowledge and experience, we deliver exceptional service across our entire business portfolio.


Our Services

We consult and aid businesses of all shapes and size within the Private, Public and Third Sectors. Whether you are a start-up through to blue-chip Company, we ensure that all of our valued clients receive the very best customer service and value for money service we can provide.


We have our companies that allow us to create an approach that integrates all of them together or individually based on what is required and suited to the client.


Click to find out more information about each service here:

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Connect 4 Voice and Data

Connect 4 Energy

Connect 4 Security

Connect 4 Digital

Connect 4 Insurance

Connect 4 Finance


Why Choose Us?

The Connect 4 Group offer an unrivalled Business Concierge Service, designed to meet every aspect of your business requirements.


We thrive on the delivery of total customer satisfaction as we deliver a premium quality technical service with a team of highly skilled employees.


Contact us today to discuss all of your business needs and we will be able to start your journey to grow again.