H.M. Asad Ali

Director of Research And Development, The Connect 4 Group

Asad has been in the research and development industry for more than 5 years, which is complemented by his talented family. He has been working as a consultant engineer for technical solutions all over the world, alongside successful international projects. Asad holds several inventions that have the potential to revolutionize the modern lifestyle. As a part of Connect 4 Group, Asad aims to achieve a high standard of sustainable solutions that helps humanity. Consistent hard work, growth and business ethics are the main driving forces to make significant changes to society. Asad also believes that anything can be achieved by making a group that works together with commitment and enthusiasm to present a state of the artwork that speaks itself.

Asad is still completing his doctorate degree although he has earned many degrees and certifications in mechanical engineering because he believes in consistent learning while playing a pivotal role in the society to give inspiration to the younger generation to be the best. Connect 4 Group is the ideal platform to work with. This group consists of very talented versatile people that are self-motivated and make a perfect environment to grow.