Fatima Saleem

Digital Transformation Officer, The Connect 4 Group

Fatima has been in the digital field since 2015. She has been working with several organizations as a digital media manager and specialises in many areas such as website development, computer management, mobile app development, content writing and digital solutions. Her role in Connect 4 Group has prime importance because her artwork is the passage to show the best portrait of Connect 4 Group all over the world. Her versatile working nature makes her the perfect individual to digitalise the world.

She believes that the Connect 4 Group is not only a group of talented people but also generous and well-civilized people that have the mindset to help and develop others to achieve a global culture of support and sustain. Fatima and her team have developed work tirelessly to deliver the needs of Connect 4 clients and digital strategy. She is the best person to accomplish a digital transformation. She is a key member of the Connect 4 CSR drive.