Our Prestigious Business Partners and Sponsors

At the Connect 4 Group, we value all of our Business Partners and Sponsor’s, they’re our family, basing our relationship with them on trust, honesty and integrity. Below, we showcase the work of our Partners:

Koi Sports CIC drive commercial investment into Grassroots Sports to deliver Positive Social Change.

Koi Sports CIC are registered in the UK as a Community Interest Company, limited by guarantee, and regulated by the British Government to ensure that all of our assets are locked, and that 100% of our profits are reinvested to benefit the communities that we serve, not distributed as Director or Shareholder dividends.

Established in November 2018, working across the UK, and championed by our Directors David Johnson, Adam Irvine, Gifton Noel-Williams, and Harminder Rai, Koi Sports CIC raise investment to sustain and grow the UK-based grassroots sport sector.

Koi Sports invest heavily in initiatives aimed at creating a sustainable and thriving British Grassroots Sports sector, one which is inclusive, safe, affordable, and accessible for all.

Our company aims and objectives are aligned to deliver a financial investment into grassroots sport initiatives, money which will be spent to improve sports facilities, enhance safeguarding provision, increase sport participation amongst minority communities, and crime prevention.

​Internally, Koi Sports are committed to employing British ex-Military personnel to Sales and Administrative roles within our organisation, our way of supporting those who have bravely served our country but who now find themselves struggling to reintegrate back into society.

​With regards to Corporate Social Responsibility, we also donate 2% of each and every “sale” to local charities. ​

iTrust Assurance is passionate about delivering tailor-made solutions for whistleblowing dilemmas. Their philosophy – ‘Integrity Without Compromise’ – based upon trust and is at the heart of everything that they do.

Voluntary Action Leicestershire (VAL) is a Leicester-based Charity devoted to supporting organisations that work within the Third-Sector to deliver Business Support, Advice, and Guidance.

As strong believers in the Power of Sport, we financially invest in Community Programmes from around the world which include, The Street Soccer Foundation (UK), Gillingham Town FC (UK), and Escolinha do Pereira (Brazil).


Coping With Cancer continues to grow in strength year on year. The services now offered are varied and extensive; from complementary therapies, counseling support and support groups to befriending, meditation, mindfulness, nutritional advice, a solicitor surgery and health and well-being recreational therapies. The charity has, at any one time, had a record number of 100 volunteers and averages up to 50 new clients each month, from Leicester, Leicestershire, and Rutland.

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Wordly Wise is a  social enterprise that gives advice to young people who are entering adulthood. Our amazing team has a wide variety of fascinating experiences to help and guide others as they embark on their journey through life. Exciting times!

Alethia is on the front line of risk management prioritizing corporate actions around transparency, ethical treatment of employees, and sustainability to safeguard brand reputation.

Alethia provides a secure, user-friendly, cost-effective anonymous reporting mechanism engaging an organization’s best eyes and ears on the ground – their employees.

Leverage information from reports to quickly identify, investigate, and correct problems before external sources disclose or regulators discover them.

To date, over 78 Million dollars worth of fraud has been reported, investigated and uncovered using our technology. 

We are fully committed to making a difference within the world around us, supporting and delivering programs that deliver positive social change across the globe.